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So after our son took up sailing in the summer, I felt free to restart this hobby which I only interrupted temporary for ... 30 years.

We found a nice club which is not so close but cozy: WVD Mechelen and started a course on Saturday for adults. A beginners course as I forgot everything there is to know about sailing. We're with a few people on a Laser 16 and this is great fun.

To get there I thought of cycling. I maybe underestimated this, the distance is about 21 km (13 miles for the colonials) but the 'total climb' so height to overcome is 94 meters (308 ft) going, and 101 meters (331 ft) for the return trek.

My average speed sucked (16.7 km/h (10.3 miles/h) and 14.3 km/h (8.9 miles/hour)) and my legs are _still_ feeling without power. I hope this will improve after a bit of practice

However the path itself is one of the 'fietsknooppunten route' (Belgian invention so the link is in Dutch) so it's very nice, safe and calm. With impressive bridges to cross: SNC01728

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