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Last week I took my iphone 5 out of the otterbox to clean it. Then I noticed that the battery decided to find more lebensraum and was pushing the glass upwards. I immediately shutdown the phone (risk of explosion or other nasty business).
Then I waited until this monday, and this because after-sales support from the local Apple dealers sucks. They normally need to send back the phone and you're often for weeks without a phone, uncertain what exactly will happen. Exactly why this sorry state exists is a bit of a mystery.
This Saturday the Apple shop in Brussels opened and yesterday I went to repair the phone. A quick 'Oh, that really shouldn't happen. We'll replace it' later and I've got a new, working iPhone 5.
Seeing the number of people coming into the shop on a Monday morning, I expect the local Apple dealers to ... suffer. This entry was originally posted at http://pvaneynd.dreamwidth.org/153264.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
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